At Thornton Chiropractic, we’re committed to finding long-term solutions for all your pains, aches, and wellness problems. Instead of treating individual symptoms or even individual injuries, we take a look at your whole body and lifestyle, so that we can truly optimize your quality of life. Our chiropractor, Dr. Phillip Wygonski, works hard to keep Thornton families as happy and healthy as possible.

Dr. Phillip Wygonski

thornton-colorado-chiropractor-dr-phillip-wygonskiI got into this profession because there is no better doctor then the one inside each of us. I believe symptoms are an expression of your body trying to tell us that something is not right. Most people weren’t born with their symptoms but they developed over time. I look to find the source and correct it if possible or refer out though our network of healthcare professionals. I promise to not waste your valuable time if you are looking for answers.

On days when I am not in the office I am spending time with my wife. We enjoy being active in the outdoors. We enjoy skiing during the winter months and mountain biking in the summer months. We also just bought our first house that is a fixer upper. All those HGTV shows made restoring a house look easier than it is.

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Does this sound familiar: "when I go to the grocery store, I know there are five hundred kinds of vegetables and fruit, but I buy the same three all the time." About one third of parents say their child is a picky eater and, in many cases, it's nothing to worry about.  The behavior is one of the few ways children can exert an influence on their parents and caregivers and that's through eating or not eating. It's a natural stage of developing some independence. But there are some things ...
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Is sitting around really bad for you? With all the craziness going on outside in today’s world, you might be tempted to snuggle down into the safety of your sofa and simply avoid all the bad stuff out there. But is sitting around more dangerous than you think? It's a sad fact of life that everything we do - including the things we decide not to do - has consequences. And there's mounting evidence that prolonged periods of physical inactivity are not good for us. In 2011, researchers examined a ...
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It seems that people in general want to eat healthy, but they just don't have enough time.  Sometimes we associate eating healthy with being expensive and we would like to dispel that thought.  Sure you can probably get a Big Mac or a burrito for less than you would buying groceries or items to prepare a meal.  However, if you plan and shop properly, it can be both convenient and affordable for you in the long run.  So here are 1o tips that will make eating healthy easier for you! ...
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constructing healthy plate
A healthy meal begins with assembling a healthy plate. And before you bring anything to that plate, it might be worthwhile to buy a set of smaller dinner plates cups and glasses. Interestingly, many hardware stores sell these very inexpensively, but they're harder to find in fancy kitchen stores. Mostly because small plates have gone out of style. One of the reasons we like to obsess about nutrients, and the industry likes us to obsess about nutrients, is a way of distracting us from the quantities of food. We are ...
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Do you suffer from headaches? If so, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that up to 50% of people deal with headaches each year. While an occasional headache is nothing more than a nuisance, when they become chronic, you can experience challenges at home and at work and you might even experience depression. The good news is, it may be easier than you think to find relief from your headache pain. Keep reading… Why it Matters: Medications, especially opioids, are not recommended for most headaches. These drugs should be avoided because ...
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Spring is a time of growth and progress, but it is also a time for seasonal joint pain. Changes in temperature, humidity, and air pressure can affect your joints and cause you to feel pain, especially if you have prior injuries or arthritis. Plus, overlooked minor injuries from the winter ski season can quickly lead to chronic pain. Sleep is a necessity for injury recovery, pain management, and overall health, but it can be hard to rest if you have the wrong sleeping environment. Here are some ways to fall ...
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Three Stretches For Headache Relief-pec-stretch
If you are experiencing headaches, there are three stretches for headache relief that you can do right now to help reduce some of your headache symptoms. Headaches can be caused by a lot of different things. The headaches that we commonly treat in the office are cervicogenic headaches, tension headaches, and sometimes migraines. Stretch The Levator Scapulae Muscle The first stretch for headache relief focuses on your levator scap muscles. The levator scap muscle starts on your neck, and runs down past your neck into the top of your shoulder ...
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healthy thinking in thornton
There was an interesting study conducted at UCLA in the early 1990s where 14 professional actors were recruited to study the effects of emotion on the immune system. During the study, the actors were told which mood state they would be experiencing. Emotions Can Stimulate or Suppress Immune Function They then read the appropriate scenario, which was about 100 words long, and were told to create and experience a realistic mood by developing the scene and verbally and behaviorally acting it out while seated. Actors were encouraged to use their ...
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Do They Offer A Full Exam? In order to find a good chiropractor, there are some questions you need to ask. First and foremost, do they do a full exam? Meaning, do they do orthopedic, nuerological, and a full exam? Every chiropractic office is a little bit different, but those are the most important things to look for because you don’t want someone guessing on your health. Is The Practice Fast And Efficient? Secondly, you want to find a practice that is fast and efficient. Can they get you in ...
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Let’s be honest, there isn’t an easy way to lose weight. Any person or establishment claiming it can provide easy weight loss isn’t telling the truth, unless we’re talking lipo. If you want to lose weight, you will have to make changes to your daily routine and swap out unhealthy habits for healthy ones! One great habit to pick up in order to improve overall health, and therefore have a greater chance of success when trying to lose weight, is seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis. Many studies have ...
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